If wind energy were running for office in Wisconsin, it would win in a landslide.

Wisconsin Public Radio reported that a new poll revealed that 77 percent of respondents want to see the Badger State invest in more wind energy. The poll asked 400 individuals in Wisconsin their feelings on wind energy and the response was resoundingly positive.

Beyond the 77 percent who want the state to pour money into wind development, 69 percent said they wouldn’t mind eight to ten wind-energy machines being placed near their homes. A larger number, 79 percent, said they favored placing machines offshore in Lake Michigan.

To put these numbers in perspective, the latest poll numbers for embattled Governor Scott Walker (R-Wis.) show that the governor’s actions related to teaching unions in the state stand anywhere between the 29 and 51 percent range. The numbers supporting a recall for Walker also hover around the 50 percent mark.

In 2010, Republican Senator Ron Johnson made his way to Washington with about 53 percent of the electorate supporting him. Newer polls show that Johnson’s approval ratings are about 32 percent, while Democratic Senator Herb Kohl is polling at about a 50 percent favorability rating. Rep. Paul Ryan enjoys a favorability rating of about 36 prevent compared to an unfavorable rating of 35 percent.

So this tells us that expanding wind energy in Wisconsin is almost twice as popular as most of the elected officials there. One could make the argument that wind should consider a run for office in 2012. The only issue I could see with this is whether or not wind can produce a birth certificate in order to run.

Wind power favored by Wisconsin voters
Poll numbers show that if wind would run for office in Wisconsin, it would beat almost all major candidates already elected to office.