With Donald Trump officially out of the running for president, environmentalists are once again voiceless in a presidential race. After all, Trump is a staunch environmentalist — just ask him.

Trump, who is known for his modesty, has a high opinion of himself when it comes to the environment. “I would consider myself an environmentalist in the true sense of the word,” he said. In fact, the only thing that has held Trump back from helping the planet more have been the misguided members of his own camp: fellow environmentalists who can't see all the good the multimillionaire is trying to accomplish.

For instance, Trump’s comments about being a true environmentalist came after a hearing in Aberdeen, Scotland, in which locals were trying to thwart Trump’s “great outdoors project for the rich.” Trump’s Teddy Roosevelt-esque plan was to build what he called “the finest golf course in the world.” The course would stand on sand dunes where Trump hoped to attract the rare super wealthy to the fog and drizzle of Scotland.

The plan, which is still in the works, would create new habitats. (The way Trump saw it, once the dunes and the skylarks, kittiwakes and badgers were eliminated, there would be plenty of room for caddies, cocktail waitresses and butlers to roam. An entirely new ecosystem could be in Scotland's future.) The best part of the plan was Trump’s thoughtfulness when he listened to the concerns of locals. “I listened to the questions for the few opponents we had, and honestly, the questions weren’t very good,” he said in a BBC report. That’s the kind of thoughtfulness the green movement needs after years of leadership from hell raisers like Al Gore.

Speaking of Gore, Trump has taken him on, too. No, he didn’t fire the former vice president, but he did demand that he be stripped of his Nobel Prize. “Gore wants us to clean up our factories and plants in order to protect us from global warming, when China and other countries couldn't care less,” Trump said at a recent event.
With Trump out of the race, the lack of a sensible, patient environmental voice will be noticeable. At a time when even President Barack Obama is opening up more offshore waters to drilling, it sure would be nice to have Trump out there, thinking of the planet first. “There are always going to be problems. You are going to have an oil spill. You clean it up and you fix it up and it’ll be fine,” Trump said.
With Trump out of the race, is the planet doomed?
A tongue-in-cheek assessment of what the lack of a Donald Trump presidential candidacy means for environmentalists.