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15 funny signs from Occupy Wall Street

By: Caroline Inge on Oct. 26, 2011, 2:42 p.m.
Protestors for Occupy Seattle

Photo: Occupy protestors in Seattle, Wash. (Credit: leptonist/flickr)

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Sign of the times

When the protests began in September, critics of the Occupy Wall Street movement claimed it was made up of slackers and hippies who were too lazy to get jobs and instead resorted to camping out in Zuccotti Park. In response, the protesters were eager to prove that they come from all backgrounds and have a host of demands. Those demands are outlined in their social media efforts and on dozens of signs (some serious, some silly) throughout Zuccotti Park and the world. I suppose when you're peacefully protesting in a park all day you have time to perfect your next witticism.

Agree or disagree with the message, read some of our favorite clever, ironic, and simply odd signs from the protest.