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State bird? State fossil? State snack? Many interesting and surprising things that have been chosen to be the state something-or-other. Put your random trivia knowledge to the test.

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carnivorous plant
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Which state claims the Venus flytrap as its state carnivorous plant?

The Venus flytrap is possibly the most famous carnivorous plant, and it's native to the subtropical wetlands of North and South Carolina. Though North Carolina is proud enough of the species to give it a state title, the species is vulnerable to extinction.

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What is Arizona's official state neckwear?

It is fascinating enough to have a designated state neckwear, so of course it needs to be a doozy. The classic bolo tie is the official neckwear of not only Arizona but also New Mexico and Texas.

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Which state declared Jell-O its official state snack food?

Though Jell-O is made by Kraft Foods, which is based in Illinois, it's Utah that claims it as its state food — and it's taken fairly seriously. U.S. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah has a standing "Jell-O with the Senator" event every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in his Washington, D.C., office, just so "visitors from Utah feel at home."

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The Gem State is the official nickname for:

Idaho was named the gem state not because it has amazing mines for gemstones, but because it has so many natural resources gems. The state has everything from beautiful mountain ranges to the deepest canyon in the U.S., from spectacular waterfalls to rushing rapids to huge lakes. The state has an abundance of gems for anyone wanting to be surrounded by spectacular wilderness.

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white crappie
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Most states select a type of bass or trout for the official fish, but this state chose the white crappie:

A fish of many names, it is also known as the white perch, speckled perch, papermouth, goggle-eye, silver bass and bachelor perch. But the most descriptive of its names is probably sac-au-lait, meaning sack of milk. It is called that because it has flaky white meat that is mild and sweet, and it's possibly the most popular fish for eating in the state.

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Maine's official nickname is:

Though the state is famous for lobsters and lighthouses, Maine is home to the white pine tree and has over 17 million acres of forests, making its nickname of the Pine Tree State particularly fitting.

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Kool-Aid is the official drink of this state:

The famous kids' drink was developed in 1927 by Edwin and Kitty Perkins of Hastings, Nebraska, but it took a full 71 years before the state declared it as its official soft drink.

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dog breeds
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North Carolina's state dog is the:

The Plott hound was bred by the Plott family, whose founder came over from Germany in 1750 with five Hanoverian hounds and settled in North Carolina. Over two centuries, the dogs' descendants were used to hunt bears and boar for the Plott family, and eventually the dogs became their own breed. Plott hounds are known to be smart and loyal, and they are bold and aggressive hunters.

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michigan sign
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The official motto of Michigan is:

It makes sense, since most of Michigan is surrounded by the waters of the Great Lakes and is basically an enormous peninsula. (And it is pretty pleasant there.)

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The triceratops is the state fossil of:

The Dakotas are well known for their abundance of fossils. And in South Dakota, Triceratops fossils dating back to the Cretaceous Period, about 66-68 million years ago, have been found in the northwestern part of the state. It's a great state fossil to have — Massachusetts and Connecticut list "dinosaur tracks" as their state fossils, which seems like a technicality.

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baking pies
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What is Indiana's state pie?

Why a state bothered to name an official pie is anyone's guess, but there are certainly stranger categories (and we'll cover some later in this quiz!). But if you're going to pick a pie, the sugar cream pie isn't a bad choice. It's also known as the Hoosier sugar cream pie, Indiana cream pie, Indiana farm pie and finger pie.

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bighorn sheep
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The desert bighorn sheep is the state animal of:

Hopefully the "desert" part of the desert bighorn sheep was enough of a hint. This is the state animal of Nevada, where it lives in the arid and rugged landscape of the American Southwest and northern Mexico.

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basset hound
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What is Oklahoma's state flying mammal?

There is only one kind of mammal that can fly, and that's the bat. The Mexican free-tailed bat is the state flying mammal not only of Oklahoma but also Texas. Meanwhile, Virginia went with the Virginia big-eared bat.

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horses in barn
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What is Kentucky's state horse ?

It's the Thoroughbred because ... Kentucky Derby. More than 8,000 registered Thoroughbred foals are born in the state every year! (If you didn't get this one right, you're obligated to turn in your oversized race-day hat.)

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vegetable basket
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What is Georgia's state vegetable?

As the peach is to Georgia fruit, the Vidalia onion is to vegetables. The Vidalia onions have their roots in Vidalia, Georgia and get their unusual sweetness thanks to the low sulfur levels in the soil of this area. They are only grown in a select area of the state and are protected by the Vidalia Onion Act of 1986. (Anyone outside the area thinking of growing these, you have been warned.)

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What is Massachusetts' state muffin?

Hey, if you can have state pies, you can have state muffins. Though corn muffins would seem more appropriate to a state known for growing corn, Massachusetts seems to have a particular affinity for them. Plus, school kids petitioned for it to be added as the state muffin, and you can't deny school kids something so cute.

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chanterele mushrooms
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The Pacific golden chanterelle is the state mushroom of:

If you missed this question, we simply point you back to the name of the mushroom, the PACIFIC golden chanterelle. It rises above all other mushroom species as the state mushroom because it is the most important commercially harvested species in the Pacific Northwest. 

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nene geese
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Which state lists the nēnē as its official bird?

The nēnē is also known as the Hawaiian goose, a species native to the Hawaiian archipelago. The species nearly went extinct but has been experiencing a slow and steady comeback thanks to captive breeding programs.

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The Timber rattlesnake is the official state reptile of what state?

The timber rattlesnake is no beast to mess with. Growing as long as 3-4.5 feet, it is a stocky snake capable of a powerfully venomous bite.

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Many states selected the monarch butterfly or European honeybee as the state insect, but Florida made this unique choice:

The zebra longwing is a backyard beauty, but in the U.S., it is only found in Florida and southern Texas, making it a special species. No wonder Florida gave a title to this less common butterfly.

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What is the state crustacean of Louisiana?

Specifically, the Louisiana crawfish is the state's official crustacean. They're an icon of Louisiana cuisine: the state produces 90 percent of the crawfish in the world and, amazingly, consumes 70 percent of it locally. The blue crab, by the way, is Maryland's state crustacean.

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wood frog
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The wood frog is the state amphibian of:

The wood frog was only recently named the state's amphibian, with the title being designated in 2014. The species is found in the northeastern United States and across Canada all the way to Alaska. The frog can tolerate freezing, and it can easily survive several freeze-thaw cycles throughout the winter months. (Those New Yorkers, they're tough!)

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