While many 4-year-old boys spend their summer days playing with sticks and skipping stones, Robert "Bobby" Tufts of Dorset, Minn., has bigger fish to fry; he’s campaigning for his second term as mayor of the tiny town.

The pint-sized politician won the election last year ­– beating out the other 28 inhabitants of the town – when his name was selected from a drawing at the annual Taste of Dorset Festival.

Each year ballot boxes are set up in stores around town where citizens can add tickets in the name of their chosen candidate for $1 a pop. With Bobby running for a second term, he could potentially select his own name when he draws the winning ticket on Aug. 4.

Until then, he is busy securing as many tickets as he can. Known as "Mr. Mayor" around town, the compact incumbent strolls about, handing out his campaign card. On one side is a picture of Bobby sporting a tan fishing vest and suit jacket combo. The flip side shows Bobby courting his girlfriend, Sophie, on a porch swing, reports the Star Tribune.

"I would love to be your Mayor as much as I love Sophie," the card reads.

Bobby's job as mayor doesn’t include balancing budgets and enacting legislation; Dorset, we should mention, has no formal city government. His main responsibility consists of greeting people as they come to visit the town, which is in northern Minnesota lake country and attracts tourists for its collection of restaurants. That said, as mayor, Bobby has managed to put ice cream at the top of the food pyramid.

Asked what his favorite flavor is, the mayor replied, "Chocolate. And vanilla. Strawberry. Cotton candy kind. And rainbow sherbet."

See Mayor Tufts in action in the video below:

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4-year-old mayor of Minnesota town seeks second term
Dorset Mayor Robert "Bobby" Tufts is running on a platform of ice cream and fishing.