As the final ballots are being counted and perhaps recounted in Alaska’s Republican Senate primary, it’s probably time to take a look at the man Alaskans are likely to send to U.S. Senate. 


Joe Miller is endorsed by Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Laura Ingraham. If the bearded Alaskan ends up winning the primary, he will upset Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski is the ranking Republican member of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Now, Miller won’t necessarily get a seat on the committee, and even if he does, he certainly won’t be chairing it. Still, by simply removing Murkowski from the committee, he will likely change the tone of the group that has traditionally consisted of mostly Western senators.

Politico points out that the potential new batch of Western senators could include Sharron Angle of Nevada, Mike Lee of Utah and Carly Fiorina of California. None of these senators is as moderate as Murkowski, and she isn’t really that moderate. But, while Murkowski has, at least, acknowledged that man-made climate change is real, Miller’s campaign website offers a completely different stance.  

As for the chances of neither Murkowski nor Miller having a seat in Washington next year, they are low. Opposing the Republican candidate will be unimpressive Democratic nominee Scott McAdams

The Senate may be an interesting place next January. It will certainly be different.

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