turtle, X--ray and asteroid for week in review

• You may have missed it, but World Turtle Day was this week. Blogger Russell McLendon explains why now is a crucial time to stick our necks out for these ancient creatures.


• Should you be worried about X-rays? Before you insist on annual dental X-rays, consider the recent headlines and learn how you can limit your exposure.


• Will an asteroid ever slam into our planet, destroying life as we know it? It's possible. Our planet is bombarded daily with as much as 100 tons of small particles, some just the size of a grain of sand. But once every million years or so, a big asteroid collides with the Earth, threatening all life. Here are Bio-Art image of stem celleight asteroids that NASA is keeping an eye on.


• Researchers at MIT have created a new coating that puts the last drops of ketchup within your reach. Great news, right? The coating has the Food and Drug Administration's approval, but our food blogger is wondering what kind of chemicals are coming in contact with our food.


• In honor of a new horror movie set at the site of the Chernobyl disaster, here are 9 films that make up a long — and some say tasteless — cinematic tradition.


• NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was nonchalant when he renamed his dog to reflect his new team, but it got us wondering: is there a better way to rename a dog?


• Photographer Carli Davidson has spent years working with abandoned dogs and cats, but what really changed her perspective was a playful German shepherd in a wheelchair. These images from her  "Pets with Disabilities" project will bring a smile to your face.


• A team at Carnegie Mellon University has created a conversion kit that will transform your car from gas to electric. The only drawbacks? You need a specific car and a whole lot of cash.


• After the Heartland Institute compared global warming to the Unabomber, two climate activism groups decided to strike back. Find out how the battle of climate change billboards has evolved.


• And finally, as we head into a long Memorial Day weekend, here are five garden-inspired cocktails to try this weekend. Cheers!


Plus: Wondering about that beautiful bubble above? It's actually a stem cell factory — and you can learn more about the science and the art behind the Bio-Art scientific image competition.


Asteroids, X-rays and World Turtle Day: This and more in MNN's week in review
Why we should be sticking our necks out for turtles, how to avoid X-rays and much more in this week's roundup of intriguing green news.