elephants and celebrity images for week in review

• Brigitte Bardot, the original European sex kitten pictured above, says she's got more important things to worry about besides aging. (She's focused on a variety of animal causes.) She's one of several celebrities in this roundup of famous people who haven't aged well — but maybe their priorities are in the right place.


• NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg made headlines this week with a proposal to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. Bloggers Starre Vartan and Jenn Savedge offer their views on why it makes sense and why it doesn't.


Appalachian Trail• Avid hikers often have a list of favorite trails, but there are some national standouts that belong on everyone's list because of sheer length or amazing scenery. Check out these 10 classics of the American hiking scene, including the Appalachian Trial (pictured right.)


• While you're thinking about the great outdoors, you might want to consider all the things you don't know about sunscreen ... and then grab a hat.


• In many American communities, suburbia was built with cars in mind, with all sorts of detrimental consequences. You might be interested to learn that walkable neighborhoods have now surpassed car-centric ones in value. (Ponder that on your porch swing this weekend.)


• Also from the home front is this intriguing story about a new house paint infused with insecticides. Your first reaction might be "Why do we need that?", but before you judge, learn more about one chemist's efforts in the battle against bugs in developing countries.


• There's so much to share about food this week. Check out blogger Kimi Harris' 10 refreshing and healthy beverages for summer and save time with Enrique Gili's five easy dishes to lure infrequent cooks into the kitchen.


• File this one under news you need to know. Blogger Russell McLendon explains how white-nose syndrome is stalking a new victim, the endangered gray bat. 


• The Ford Pinto evolved from hot-selling compact into a favorite punchline because of its fiery habits, but there are several cars, and even some recent examples, of cars made famous by their explosive nature.


• Auto blogger Jim Motavalli follows up on a curious question he heard at a forum: Do the people who promote green cars actually drive them?


Closing thought: The soccer-loving elephant (at top left) is part of our monthly collection great animal photos. It's a soothing way to end your week.


Classic hiking trails, aging celebs and famous explosive cars: MNN's week in review
Week in review: Catch up some of the more offbeat environmental stories of the week, from NYC's proposed 'big soda' ban to how houses in walkable communities ar