glass houses and more images for week in review


• We’ve rounded up eight of our favorite glass houses from around the globe. Some are famous while others are tucked away in interesting locales. You'll enjoy looking at all of them.


• Nearly the entire ice cover of Greenland melted in a span of four days recently — but that's now how it normally works. To get a better perspective, take a look at eight stunning before-and-after images detailing ice melts across our planet. 


• After receiving the blessing of Oprah, Cheryl Strayed's "Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail" shot to the top of the New York Times' best-seller list. Read our book review.


Princess the lionness• Everybody loves a farmers market, so we've created a "holy grail" list of sorts. Check out nine U.S. farmers markets that every foodie should visit.


• Speaking of food, here's an article sure to start a few arguments: is the profusion of gluten-free food a fad or a dietary epidemic? 


• Blogger Chris Turner delves into the ubiquitous but unloved strip mall, serving up five innovative ways to reinvent it.


• Some days it feels as if robots and computers are taking over the world — but not so fast. We've come up with a hopeful response: five things your brain can do better than a computer.


• If school hasn't started where you are, it will soon. Our advice expert offers tips for stocking up on eco-friendly school supplies.


• Can a car called the E-Bugster improve Volkswagen's sad green image? Auto blogger Jim Motavalli says as unlikely as it may sound, this car is a step in the right direction.


• In honor of the Olympics — and the sleep we're all losing trying to watch NBC's TV coverage — don't miss the pets loved by famous Olympians and our photo gallery of Olympic highlights, including the image of weightlifter Daniyar Ismayilov of Turkmenistan, below. 


Daniyar Ismayilov


Plus: Learn more about Princess, the beautiful white lioness (pictured above, with a cub) in our photo gallery of animals.


Cool glass houses, melting ice and more in MNN's week in review
We've also created a bucket list of farmers markets and a book review of 'Wild,' the book that everyone is talking about — even Oprah.