Alec Baldwin and dieter's plate photos

• Alec Baldwin (above) has championed the preservation of his quiet East Hampton neighborhood in New York, but the local follow-the-rules tradition may stifle his wind turbine dreams.


• Are you having "Swiss Family Robinson" fantasies this summer? To meet that need, we've compiled a list of eight treehouse getaways worth checking out. (That's the Treehotel in Sweden above.)


• The FDA approved a new diet drug this week called Qsymia and news organizations everywhere touted it as the next miracle pill. But haven't we been here before? Food blogger Robin Shreeves shares her personal experience with another diet drug — one similarly hyped at the time — and why she'll never do it again.


• On the other side of the country, San Francisco's controversial solution to panhandling pairs puppies with the poor — and not everyone is happy about it.


reward sign for lost dog• Speaking of puppies, if you've ever had a pet disappear — even temporarily — you'll appreciate this detailed list of what to do when your dog goes missing from pet expert Morieka Johnson. 

• America's wolf wars are heating up. Montana has loosenened its hunting rules and other states are pushing for their first legal wolf hunts in almost 40 years. Blogger Russell McLendon helps you understand why you should care. 


Forget Disneyland! A new survey says 75 percent of Americans would prefer to visit a national park on their next vacation instead of a more trendy tourist spot. (Our blogger just updated the family vacation plans for October!)


• What do American car buyers really want? Auto blogger Jim Motavalli says consumers are a fickle bunch. They want fuel efficiency — but not necessarily smaller cars. 


• The London Olympic Games kick off next week, and all eyes will be on Britain. As a fun warmup, here are 10 curious facts about London 2012 that might surprise you.


• Does life exist beyond Earth? NASA has been on a mission to answer that question since the launch of the Kepler Mission in 2009. Check out 10 images from NASA of planets with Earth-like qualities.


Plus: You'll want to read the story behind this beautiful snapshot of an orphaned gorilla taken at a sanctuary in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. (And if you're a photography fan, bookmark our snapshot archive.) Have a great week.

gorilla sanctuary in Congo


Cool treehouses, miracle pills and more in MNN's week in review
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