photo montage for week in review

• It may look like a cartoon, but that green creature above is one of eight toxic caterpillars. Watch out!


• Ahh, waterfalls. These refreshing stops for hikers offer a moment of beauty and meditation. We've pulled together seven breathtaking waterfalls that happen to be inside national parks. Discover more places like these to add to your bucket list with MNN's guide to our national parks.


• Bryan Cranston (above right) has changed his tune. The actor known widely for his role in “Breaking Bad” has turned his energy to building good — working on a passive house in California.


Dog hides under bed• If your dog runs for the nearest bathtub when Fourth of July rolls around, our pet expert can help. Morieka Johnson explains how to help an anxious dog handle the festivities.


• Celebrities who own pets are a dime a dozen, but those who raise them for sport are a different breed. Meet the competitive creatures — from Gheghis Kahn the chow chow to a horse called Triple Creme — and the celebrities who own them. 


• Wheatgrass juice has been touted as the feel-good fix of the year, but are the benefits of this chloropyll-loaded drink overblown? 


• Food blogger Kimi Harris wasn't impressed by the improvements manufacturers have made to children's cereals, so she says, why not skip them? Instead, try out these six breakfasts from around the world that will get you and your kids thinking differently about your morning meal.


• How does NYC’s mayor beat the heat in his SUV? Bystanders were slightly confused and amused this week by Michael Bloomberg's newest tactic.


• And on the more newsy side of things: Royal Dutch Shell will win federal permits to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean this summer, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar predicted this week, foreshadowing what could become a watershed event for the remote, oil-rich region. 


• Also this week, the keys to the first Tesla sedans were given to real people — not car gurus or journalists. Our auto blogger says the fate of the company is in their hands.


Finally, we'll wind down with this week's cutest chicks: snowy owlets at Hanover Zoo. See more bird chicks and enjoy your weekend.

snowy owl chicks


Crazy-looking caterpillars to avoid, cool waterfalls and more in the week in review
Plus, how you can help an anxious dog make it through the very noisy holiday that's just around the corner. This and more in our roundup of offbeat environmenta