Fallingwater, juice cocktail, endangered bird

• Frank Lloyd Wright was a prolific architect best known for iconic buildings like Fallingwater (pictured above). He built more than 400 structures during his storied career, so it's not surprising that some are no longer standing. Take a look at six now destroyed buildings created by one of the most well-known names in architecture.


• Depending on your pop-culture IQ, this next name may not be so familiar. Honey Boo Boo — the star and namesake of a reality TV show about a raw and rowdy South Georgia family — knows how to save a penny, and this is her clan's guide to thrifty living.


• If your juicer is one of the "why did I buy this?" appliances at your house, let Enrique Gili's concoctions help you experience a rebirth. Try one of these cocktails from your juicer — and cheers. 


• The curious bird with the curly beak pictured above is a scarlett Hawaiian honeycreeper, and it's one of the 10 most endangered birds in America. (Learning about endangered animals is half the battle.)


• Yoga teachers vary in style and substance. As part of our ongoing series about yoga, here's how to find the right yoga teacher for your fitness level and personality. 


• Why can't a well-designed building serve low-income residents? In San Francisco, that trend is changing with the Richardson Building.


Liz the pit mix photographed by Parker Smith• Ever wonder how professional pet photographers get such gorgeous images? Writer Morieka Johnson shares the pros' best tips for capturing Fido at his best — and just in time for the holidays. (That's Liz the high-energy pit mix at right, photographed by Parker Smith.)


• Speaking of cool photos, rainbows are generally an impressive photo subject, but have you ever seen a fogbow? Check out this gallery of rainbows and their lesser-known cousins.


• If you've purchased a new car lately, you may have noticed something missing: the spare tire. Carmakers are making do with substitutes like run-flat tires and pump-up kits to lose pounds, but our auto blogger says it might be a shortsighted move.


• And finally, diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but the sparkle diminishes when you consider the cost of conventional mining techniques to human life. So if you're in the market, why not flaunt a lab-grown diamond instead? (It's just as sparkly.)


Plus: What's cuter than an alpaca? That question will become moot when you see more of the group pictured below. And if your curious about these charming creatures, read 10 things you didn't know about alpacas.

three alpacas


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