When Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson appeared on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart couldn’t resist asking, “When you first walked into the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bush administration had been there for eight years, had they been used? Was there a dead possum in your keyboard? Were there fires set? Were there zombie vampires? What was the building like?”

It’s certainly a fair question, considering how ineffective the EPA was under Bush. Former EPA chief Stephen Johnson was little more than a puppet, acting on the Bush administration’s orders like a reanimated corpse in search of brains. Now that the EPA is actually back to protecting the environment (amazingly enough), Jackson is leading the charge to lower carbon emissions on a large scale.

Jackson explains how she aims to do this without harming small business. Check out a clip:

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So, we’ve gone from an EPA that is stifled by the President, unable to even admit that global warming is real, to an EPA that sees the urgent need to act and is working on solutions. Refreshing, isn’t it?