first dogs, wildfires and more images for week in review

• If you're taking a trip this summer, why not take the train? The U.S. hasn't embraced trains the way other countries have, but there are some fantastic journeys awaiting those who decide that getting there is half the fun. Here are some of the best train journeys in North America.


• For the last 10 years, NASA satellites have been collecting data about wildfires — from above. Take a look at these photos destructive wildfires as seen from space. (That's one of the images above.)


• IKEA is well-known for its sustainability efforts, but the Swedish company's logging practices in Russia are getting a new kind of recognition — and not a in a good way.


• The White House has housed many pet lovers — even George Washington had dogs. This great collection of photos spotlights the most famous presidential pooches in history.


feral camel• Zoo escapees. Natural-disaster refugees. Throwaway pets. While some are harmless, other feral animals are tenacious and often deadly — invasive transplants spreading mayhem wherever they roam. Here are 10 feral creatures wreaking environmental havoc.


Does "fracking" need a new name? The slang for hydraulic fracturing sounds dirty and disconcerting — and now a study has found that it even curbs support for the controversial gas-drilling technique.


• If you're planning a summer trip or merely dreaming about the possibilities, check out Explore America's Parks, a collection of user guides to some of the best parks in the United States.


• Today's supercomputers have gone beyond challenging "Jeopardy" champions to more important work like cancer research. Learn more about seven computers that are changing the world.


• Disney announced this week that it will limit junk food advertising in all its properties and TV shows. Our food bloggers share their opinions, from skeptical optimism to the role of parents.


• You've heard that dogs can improve morale in the workplace, but did you know that dogs can help you succeed in business? Taking that theory one step further, doggie leadership styles fall into seven distinct categories. We've paired seven canines with the CEOs who exemplify their styles.


• And finally, as you settle into your weekend consider this: Would less productivity be better for America? Have a great weekend, and we'll see you next week.

Famous presidential pooches, memorable train rides and much more in MNN's week in review
From memorable first dogs to IKEA's logging practices, we've got some interesting environmental stories to share this week.