The nation’s capital is preparing for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally. Like other Tea Party rallies, the Glenn Beck rally is likely to touch on all the hot-button issues that have galvanized the right in recent months. The smart money is on hearing a lot of mosque, immigration, and big government rhetoric this weekend. But let's not forget about the environment.

The Tea Party movement simply doesn't jive with any attempt to improve the environment by regulating greenhouse gasses. As for Beck, he has spearheaded a smear campaign against former Obama green jobs advisor Van Jones, and has fudged the truth about the costs of implementing a climate bill. He loves talking about how much he doesn't love the environment.

 “I think we should hate the environment,” Beck said in a 2008 interview in which he outlined the following environmental policy positions:

Glenn Beck blames the environment for hurricanes:

“I've been doing a lot of thinking about this. Don't worry about what happens to the environment. It doesn't worry about what happens to you, does it? Think about it. Hurricanes? Part of the environment. They roll in. What's the environment's role? It creates the hurricanes!”

Glenn Beck finds trees dangerous:

“Nature only provides us with trees which basically lure humans to stand under them and then it provides lightning to kill us underneath the tree.”

Glenn Beck says coastlines are a trick:

“[The environment] lures us to our coastlines. ‘Come, come to the coastline.’ We build our most important and expensive buildings only so the environment can cause flooding and beach erosion, stealing millions of dollars from honest citizens like you. ‘Come to the coastline.’ The environment could provide temperatures that are mild and consistent. Oh, no, no, no, but that's not the style, oh, no.”

Glenn Beck says forest protection=bear deaths:

“I love the forest, who doesn't love forests? Oh, they're great. Yeah, that's what I used to think until I saw... who hides in forests? Bears, killer bears. Bears, part of the environment. More than happy to rip your torso from your extremities without a second thought. Gee, I don't know, maybe we should have a cap and trade on the humans there.”

Glenn Beck blames oil dependence on the environment:

“I propose immediate sanctions on the environment for creating oil in the first place. I didn't create it. I just pumped it out of the ground! It's the environment's effects on dinosaurs, former members of the environment murdered by the environment which create oil in the first place.”

Glenn Beck on volcanoes:

“When a volcano blows, it dumps gigantic amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Does it have a cap and trade on its eruptions? No! Totally unregulated.”

Glenn Beck blames the plague on the environment:

“Was it man who created all the diseases that have wiped out millions? The plague. No, it was natural. I guess we could just accept the whole wiping out 1/3 of the human race thing. Sorry, don't need another Holocaust but thanks for chiming in, nature.”

I plan on stopping by the rally this weekend, so stay tuned for my post-event report on Monday.

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