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Credits for this episode: "Going green - quotes from NYC's Times Square"
Producers: Adam Dorn, Nick Klem, Jonathan Kesselman

Writers: Jonathan Kesselman, Adam Dorn, Jacob Fleisher

Co-Producer: Khalil Hayes

Cinematography:Khalil Hayes

Editor: Joey Williamson

Additional Editing: Michael Nedelman

Sound: Marc Enette

Score: Michael Cohen

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Jonathan Kesselman: Welcome to Times Square, also known as hell. Today, we’re gonna interview people about the environment.

The blank layer is responsible for protecting the earth’s atmosphere. Hint: it rhymes with tozone. The blank layer. What kind of car runs on both electricity and gasoline?

Woman 1: Those hydro, hydro--

Kesselman: We all know that the sources of the Kyoto Protocol [indistinct] are the Clean Development Mechanism, and the Joint Implementation Projects. Compare and contrast the two.


Woman 2: I’m sorry. Can you read that again?


Kesselman: Sure. I’m sorry. I speak quickly. Which of the following is not a form of alternative energy? A: biomass, B: ocean energy, C: hydroelectric, and D: my bloody valentine.


Woman 3: A.

Kesselman: Right. Correct. Which of the following is not a form of alternative energy? A: geothermal, B: wind energy, C: nuclear, D: break dancing.


Man: D.

Kesselman: No. That’s not correct. Geothermal. Global warming causes the second Great Ice Age. Everyone on the planet is dead except you and me. Would you have sex with me?

Woman 2: He’s asking you.

Kesselman: The answer is yes. Are you aware that you’re the leading cause of global warming 'cause you're so damn hot?