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Credits for this episode: "Going green - quotes from NYC's Times Square"
Producers: Adam Dorn, Nick Klem, Jonathan Kesselman

Writers: Jonathan Kesselman, Adam Dorn, Jacob Fleisher

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Jonathan Kesselman: Welcome to Times Square, also known as hell. Today, we’re gonna interview people about the environment.

The blank layer is responsible for protecting the earth’s atmosphere. Hint: it rhymes with tozone. The blank layer. What kind of car runs on both electricity and gasoline?

Woman 1: Those hydro, hydro--

Kesselman: We all know that the sources of the Kyoto Protocol [indistinct] are the Clean Development Mechanism, and the Joint Implementation Projects. Compare and contrast the two.


Woman 2: I’m sorry. Can you read that again?


Kesselman: Sure. I’m sorry. I speak quickly. Which of the following is not a form of alternative energy? A: biomass, B: ocean energy, C: hydroelectric, and D: my bloody valentine.


Woman 3: A.

Kesselman: Right. Correct. Which of the following is not a form of alternative energy? A: geothermal, B: wind energy, C: nuclear, D: break dancing.


Man: D.

Kesselman: No. That’s not correct. Geothermal. Global warming causes the second Great Ice Age. Everyone on the planet is dead except you and me. Would you have sex with me?

Woman 2: He’s asking you.

Kesselman: The answer is yes. Are you aware that you’re the leading cause of global warming 'cause you're so damn hot?



Going green - quotes from NYC's Times Square
Mother Nature Network's going green man on the street reporter heads to Times Square to test people's environmental IQ. Going Green? Sadly not, but hilarity ens