With President Obama meeting other G8 leaders in l’Aquila, Italy today, Greenpeace decided to take action to send a message on climate change.

Sometime in the middle of the last night, 12 climbers from the organization scaled Mt. Rushmore carrying a 75-pound banner. Once unfurled in the morning hours, the 65 feet by 35 feet wide banner showed an unfinished picture of Obama's face with the words, "America honors leaders, not politicians: Stop Global Warming.”

The banner managed to stay securely anchored to the side of the monument (something organizers said was done in a way to ensure no harm came to the landmark) for roughtly one hour before being cut away by park rangers. For more information, check out the Greenpeace statement on the stunt here. Click here to sign their petition calling on President Obama to "honor his commitment to restoring science by being a true leader, not a politician."

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Greenpeace unfurls climate banner over Mt. Rushmore
Organization urges President Obama to act on global warming.