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• Language is such a fickle beast. New words worm their way into our vocabulary as old words get left by the wayside. Meet 11 inventors whose names became lodged in our lexicon. How? Their names became nouns. (That's Jules Léotard pictured above. Take a guess what he's famous for.)


• Birds perform amazing physical feats every day, from taking flight and catching prey to swimming 25 mph or soaring 37,000 feet in the air. In the second part of MNN's Pop Science Guide to Birds, we examine the mechanics behind some of these unique skills.


• Some of us just aren't that into camping — but that doesn't make America's national parks any less inviting. The secret is to stay in or near the park in cool accommodations like these.


Robin Levine, EcoMe• Eco-Me, a brand comprised of a "family" of all-natural household cleaners, was founded by Robin Kay Levine in response to a real-life family health scare. Home blogger Matt Hickman talks to Levine (pictured right) about how the California company got started and who came up with the clever packaging theme.


• While were on the topic of healthy living, what's up with the chair you're sitting in? Take a look at these five ergonomic desk chairs that are good for your body and the planet.


• Lifestyle blogger Starre Vartan seeks out an expert on a question she's often pondered: how close are we to effective birth control for men? 


• But for parents who are way beyond that question, here's one that might resonate more: is it safe for kids to be vegan? We asked the experts.


• If you think your dog has competitive tendancies, here's a series of exercises to hone those skills and find out if your pooch has the right stuff.


"Dallas" — your favorite '80s guilty pleasure — is back, with some of the original cast (J.R.!) and a green twist on the themes of greed, love and living large in Texas.


• And finally, let's wind down the week with this list of peculiar Summer Olympic sports that have been discontinued. (How tug-of-war didn't make it, we don't know.)


Inventors in our lexicon, lodgings at national parks and more in MNN's week in review
Meet the inventors who weaseled their way into our vocabulary and learn about the physical feats of birds. All this and more in this week's roundup of offbeat e