There are too many single women and not enough mothers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but according to a report from The Telegraph, presidential candidate Amatay Asilbek has a solution: legalize polygamy.

"In Kazakhstan, there are a lot of single women, and it is a national tragedy, because we lose potential mothers," Asilbek told the Kazakh magazine, Adam. "I think polygamy would solve this problem."

Asilbek, age 70, also told the magazine that Kazakhstan's air kept men virile even at his age, and that "young girls" often come to his home asking to be his wives.

Asilbek is one of an ever-growing slate of 15 candidates preparing to run against current president Nursultan Nazarbayev, who had previously sought to extend his current term to the year 2020. The country's recently Constitutional Council ruled against that extension, according to RTT News. Nazarbayev has been president since Kazakhstan gained its independence in 1991.

According to The Telegraph, Asilbek has been running for president in Kazakhstan, unsuccessfully, since 1998. He and the other 14 candidates must now pass a strict test of their Kazakh language skills, designed to prevent Russians and other ethnic groups from holding office, and collect 90,000 petition signatures to be added to the ballot.

Kazakhstan presidential candidate wants to legalize polygamy
Fifteen candidates seek to unseat longstanding president Nursultan Nazarbayev after 20 years in office.