Ghost, northern lights and grey cat

• You know about Nessie, but what about Chessie, Tessie and Illie? We introduce you to 10 lesser-known monsters and cryptids that have sparked imaginations here in the U.S. And since we're well on our way to Halloween, here's some DIY advice on how to know if your house is haunted.


• Speaking of DIY: Izhar Gafni, an inventor from a truly entrepreneurial country, experimented for more than a year on a durable bike made from coated paper — with no metal parts. Now he's preparing to mass-market his creation, and put the Third World on wheels. 


• That chill in the air means great skywatching opportunities may be coming your way. We've rounded up the best places to see the northern lights. (Some travel required for most, but the views will be worth it.)


tiger sticks out tongue• Dogs may be man's best friend, but there are a lot more cats out there in U.S. households. Pet expert Morieka Johnson offers a roundup of the most common unwanted cat behavior issues and how you can correct them. (And we don't mean the tiger ... more on that in a second.)


• Neighborhood spats can spring up in any price range, but the arguments out of the Hamptons just seem to be more universally interesting. Matt Hickman shares a tale of power, privilege — and a "revenge hedge."


• What are the best environmental books of all time? We asked award-winning journalist and green news junkie Peter Dykstra for his top five selections.


• If you aren't coughing and sputtering yet, the person in the cube next door probably is. That raises the question: Should you get a annual flu shot or not? We track down the truth. 


• Can well-designed products change the world? That's the premise behind Designed Good, a socially responsible marketplace launched by two recent college graduates Katy Gathright and Imran Khoja.


• On the opposite end the spectrum from small business is the corporate, cubicle-farm atmosphere, where getting to know your neighbors can be a test. Matt Hickman delves deep into the bizarre side of human resources with six unusual team-building activities.


• And finally, here's some inspiration for a meal we hope you aren't eating at your desk: Inspired vegetarian sandwich recipes.


Plus: Learn more about the Sumatran tiger (pictured above) and his incredible tongue!


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