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• When resources like energy, materials or education are scarce, the simplest technology is usually the best choice. Here are five simple gadgets (like the adjustable glasses, above) that are making a big difference in the developing world.


• Many cooks are skeptical of tofu, but our recipe expert is determined to win more converts to this nutritional, affordable food option. He's created a selection of five tasty tofu recipes that even the doubters will enjoy. (That's Pan-fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce pictured above. Curious yet?)


• Is your adult dog having accidents in the house? Our pet expert says before you lose your temper, it may be time for a vet visit and a review of your home routine.


good bug, bad bug • There are good bugs in your garden and there are bad bugs — but sometimes they look remarkably similar. How can you tell the difference? Our garden expert walks you through some common examples. 


• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a well-known disaster planning resource, but the federal agency has been branching out of late. The newest update will help you deal with wedding season disasters, from tornadoes to bridezillas — and we hope you encounter neither!


• Our national parks are full of sports opportunities — especially sports of the extreme variety like dog sledding and hard-core climbing. We take you on a tour of the wild outdoors with this gallery of national parks for adventure seekers.


• At the current rate of deforestation, the world's rain forests could be gone in about 100 years, which is one reason why NASA has been documenting the planet's progress and loss. Take a look at these striking examples of deforestation as seen from space.


• A new study has found that BPA, or bisphenol-A, is causing interspecies mating. The hormone-disrupting chemical makes it hard for some fish to recognize their own species, a problem that could ripple throughout ecosystems. 


• Our car blogger says electric cars have an image problem, but the sexy Tesla Model S could be the car that American car buyers have been waiting for.


• Ever wonder about sell-by dates and other food expiration mysteries? Chanie Kirschner, mom and advice expert extraordinaire, decided it was time to find out.


• We'll sign off with a video that's worth your time. A teenager in Croatia stitched together NASA footage to make one of the Internet's fastest, most spectacular time-lapse videos of Earth.


Low-tech gadgets with impact, tofu for skeptics and more in MNN's week in review
MNN's week in review includes low-tech, high-impact gadgets and tofu recipes for skeptics. If your adult pooch has forgotten about potty training or your wonder