The Environmental Protection Agency is suing a Massachusetts city for dumping raw sewage into the ocean.

Revere, Mass., is the target of the EPA’s lawsuit, which states that the city knowingly connected three sewers containing human waste to storm drains that eventually empty into the ocean.

Revere, at its best, is known as the city you drive through on your way to Logan Airport and the original home of Kelly’s Roast Beef, which claims to have invented the roast beef sandwich.

At its worst, Revere is known as the city you drive though on the way to Logan Airport, but now it can add “the city that allegedly sends human waste into Massachusetts Bay,” to its resume.

In its complaint, the EPA claims the city has been “discharging pollutants, including fecal coliform, E. coli, and Enterococcus bacteria, all indicative of sewage, biological materials, and municipal waste, from its [storm drain] outfalls.” The complaint says this has been going on for, “at least,” 10 years.

This could end up being a pricey lawsuit for the city; the EPA claims the city has discharged pollutants into nearby waters more than 120 times. The fine for each violation can be $27,500.