Powerful media personalities seem to be shouting “off with their heads” a bit often. Tsk, tsk. Where’s all the rage coming from?

First, Cokie Roberts suggests that we take filmmaker Roman Polanski “out and shoot him.” Then, Rush Limbaugh suggests that New York Times environmental reporter Andrew Revkin “go kill yourself.”

Limbaugh’s anger is understandable. The king of talk radio still was smarting over his rejection by the National Football League. We all know how it feels not be allowed to buy a football team.

Limbaugh had been hoping to purchase a big piece of the St. Louis Rams. But the NFL owners -- a well-known cabal of socialist billionaires -- wouldn’t share the ball with him. They based their snub on the Limbaugh’s history of “divisive comments on race” (don’t you dare call him racist!). It didn’t help that a bunch of NFL players said they wouldn’t play for him.

This was a terrible injustice. Here’s Rush Limbaugh, your ordinary hardworking American earning $50 million a year, and he won’t be allowed to crack the whip at the people he called “Bloods,” “Crips” and “Halfrican-Americans.”

El Rushbo reminds me of Nelson Mandela. Or, better yet, the great Soviet-era writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Limbaugh was sent off by the NFL (rather than the KGB) to a symbolic gulag occupied by people who don’t get to own football teams.

Solzhenitsyn was a bit angry at times. Living in a gulag will do that to you.

So, when Rush confronted the outrage of an elitist New York Times reporter who suggested a “thought experiment” during a scholarly teleconference call on whether families might eventually get carbon credits for having only one kid, I wasn’t surprised that he called out Revkin for the death panelist he is.

Here's what Rush had to say: "This guy from The New York Times, if he really thinks that humanity is destroying the planet, humanity is destroying the climate, that human beings in their natural existence are going to cause the extinction of life on Earth -- Andrew Revkin. Mr. Revkin, why don't you just go kill yourself and help the planet by dying?"

Was that really so wrong to say? Can’t you understand Rush Limbaugh’s pain? Just contrast the two men.

Limbaugh studied hard to get where he did; he spent an entire year in college. And every single weekday (except for when he’s on vacation), Limbaugh works for three hours, pushing buttons, stressing his overworked larynx and, occasionally, waving his hands wildly.

He does this for you, America. In exchange for a reasonable salary, paltry endorsement deals and lordship over the Republican Party, he is willing to warn you that climate change is a gigantic hoax perpetrated by “scientists” whose real agenda is global domination.

And how do you thank him? You don’t let him buy a football team.

Meanwhile, here’s this lazy reporter, Revkin. The elitist. He studied biology and journalism at fancy universities. While he should be working, he gallivants from pole to pole on wild excursions, fritters away his days on blogs and articles, and passes the time writing books. Then, he spouts off -- without even consulting Limbaugh on what he should say.

For this, he’s given “awards” by his biased media cohorts. Revkin has only been writing about climate change for 21 years. What does he know?

This is why Rush calls beat reporters the “drive-by media”: They don’t really have a commitment to learning about the secret liberal agenda behind astrophysics and climatology. Not like Rush does. They goof off with all their reading and interviews, while Rush deeply studies the issues with his mouth.

Now, Revkin is complaining that his e-mail box had been filled with hate mail about “Limbaugh’s Revkin fatwa.”

“His ‘thought experiment’ (attacking mine) was over the line of civilized discourse and an affront to my family at the very least. That irks, bigtime,” the elitist reporter wrote to me in e-mail. “He also incites truly unbelievable anger and venom among some of his listeners.”

Mr. Revkin, perhaps they are angry because they just knew you would wildly accuse El Rushbo of inciting anger and venom. Who do you think you are? The owner of a football team?

Journalist Ken Edelstein writes the Media Mayhem column for the Mother Nature Network. From various coffee shops in Atlanta, he publishes an environmental news site at MyGreenATL.com.

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