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• When a scientists says scheme, what does the public hear? A new study says science lingo is dangerous because it can distort efforts to inform the public.


See the U.S. West (and the universe) like never before, thanks to this stunning year-long project by time-lapse maestro Dustin Farrell. 


• Good news for those addicted to Facebook: A new study has shown a strong correlation between the number of friends a person has on Facebook and the size of certain parts of their brains.


planking• Wondering what horizontal man is doing at right? Here's your introduction to planking, with 11 examples of the bizarre pastime.


• MNN lifestyle writer Starre Vartan loves to travel. She offers her top tips for packing lightly without looking unsightly.


• We couldn't help ourselves with this one: check out this batch of celebrity pets, the furry companions of the rich and (mostly) famous. 


• You do your best to avoid genetically modified organisms when you shop, but what about when you eat out? Author and GMO expert Jeffrey Smith shares his advice on how to make the best food choices when you're not the one doing the cooking.


• Scuba divers and travelers who want to explore the wild side of Japan will want to check out this week's virtual destination: Okinawa, Japan.


venus fly trap• Making homemade candy is delicious and — best of all — easy. These 12 healthy recipes will get you started.


• And finally, to get your creative juices flowing for Halloween, here are nine horticultural horror films. Watch these flicks and you might think potatoes aren't the only plants with eyes.


Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, including a great image of cosmic convergence in Finland. Have a great week.

MNN review: The danger of science jargon and how Facebook is affecting your brain
Read the best original stories from MNN for the week, including why science jargon really is a barrier to public awareness, a cool time-lapse video and how to p