MNN's picks for this week: 

Sexy beasts: "Green Porno" on the Sundance Channel lifts the covers on the sex lives of sea animals.

Power of beef tallow: Today's cow is tomorrow's ... motor oil? 

Ding dong!: Who exactly is Green Irene, and should you let her in your home? 

O Captain, my Captain: Catch the latest episode of Captain Planet!

Truth rules: Peter Dykstra on the 30th anniversary of Three Mile Island. 

Science fiction lives: Jim Motavalli takes a ride in the new Aptera 2E electric car.

Meet the bird lady: MNN visits "Flyaway" author Suzie Gilbert and her many furry and feathered friends. 

From bombs to biofuels: Go inside Los Alamos National Laboratory and see what new energy sources are being developed.

Celebrity snack break: Ecollywood checks in with Cheryl Hines, Sharon Osbourne and many more. 

"Revolution in a Bottle": Inside the mind of the TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky, the guy who made a business out of worm poop. 


MNN week in review 3/27/2009
Catch up on the best stories for the week of Feb. 22-28.