Our picks for the week of June 14-20: 

Apocalypse Now?! Ken Edelstein poses a question: When it comes to a discussion about climate change, what's the breaking point for over-the-top rhetoric? 

The tussle at Tesla: MNN blogger Jim Motavalli digs into the lawsuit between the carmaker and one of its founders.


• TV debut: The Lazy Environmentalist brings his advice to the Sundance Channel.

The Johnny Appleseed of solar power: You might not know Neville Williams, but you'll appreciate his quest. 

Obama and the fly: The president swats a fly ... and PETA freaks out.

Old-school outhouses: The Amish butt heads with authorities in Pennsylvania over sanitation methods.

What causes lightning? Translating Uncle Sam simplifies this natural phenomenon.

• Power from the people: A British supermarket chain uses kinetic energy from the parking lot to power their checkouts.

Are you a recession flexitarian? You may not be familiar with the term, but you may be one. 

Ecollywood: How green is Piers Morgan? He's so green he gave up his rides on Simon Cowell's private jet.





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