Our picks for the week of June 21-27:

  • Al Gore, bogeyman: Ken Edelstein talks to the former vice president — via iPhone texts — about claims that he's making a fortune off climate change.
  • Tug of war on ice: Nations eye the fuel-rich Arctic region, even as scientists warn it's slipping away.
  • Mercury levels: How much mercury is in the fish we eat? Translating Uncle Sam has the answer.
  • Sing-along! Jonathan Kesselman finds unwary New Yorkers to sing the Captain Planet theme song. Watch the video.
  • Top 10 green cities: Check out this gallery of the greenest American spots.
  • All eco, no ego: Missy Higgins is a songstress with green leanings who doesn't need to shout about it.
  • Is light rail safe? MNN blogger defends this form of transit, despite this week's fatal crash.
  • Green language: Shea Gunther scrutinizes environmental language.
  • Green Party: Danielle talks to a rickshaw driver about how to get to the wedding in green style.
MNN week in review 6/26/2009
This week's best bets from the Mother Nature Network. 6/26/2009