MNN's picks for the week of March 29-April4:

Neverland's transformation: Mother Nature has made herself at home at Michael Jackson's home, which hasn't been occupied since 2005.

Efficiency experts: The top 10 most energy efficient cities in America.

Spring surprise: Peter Dykstra welcomes April ... as a climate change denier.

Eater's digest: The new book, "Food Matters," explores the concept of the conscious eater.

Party green, save green: A gathering to celebrate our blogger's new book proves you can do both.

Life after Newman: The late, great actor's daughter carries on the organic tradition she helped create.

What would Jesus drive? Christian Evangelicals join the environment movement with gusto.

Why should you care? Jim Motavalli makes the case for saving GM and Chrysler.

Video break: Go behind the scenes of Captain Planet and meet the characters.

MNN week in review 4/3/2009
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