Our picks for the week of Aug. 2-8:

Heath Ledger's swan song: The late actor never got to see the final product, but you can watch this environmentally themed animated music video of "King Rat," a song by Modest Mouse.

On the Streets: Jonathan Kesselman shares the "truth" about global warming. Watch this video if you want to giggle.

Where does coal come from? Translating Uncle Sam digs into the history and the science.

Guinea pig craze: Disney's latest movie, G-Force, may create a demand for the animals, which don't make great pets.

How Phoenix stays hydrated: One dry city's experience could be helpful to others.

Good, green office: MNN talks to the authors of a book about green office design on where they go for inspiration.

Ecollywood: The grandchildren of oceanographer Jacque Cousteau are coming to a TV near you.

South Park rules: The top 5 environmental moments from the sarcastic kids from Colorado.

MNN week in review 8/8/2009
This week's best bets from the Mother Nature Network. 8/8/2009