Our picks for the week of Aug. 9-15:

Being Julia: Meryl Streep talks about her latest movie and shares her tips on stretching a chicken.

Media Mayhem: The Yes Men's new movie takes a prankster's approach to uncovering environmental misdeeds.

Moving mountains: The battle for mountains rages on in West Virginia between activists and miners defending a way of life.

In defense of breastfeeding: A writer spells out why breastfeeding is the best green feeding.

Age-old murder mystery: An archeological sheds new light on Cain and Abel.

Forget Disney: The first environmental theme park opens in Hollywood ... and the kids may hate it.

Ecollywood: January Jones is saving the sharks, and not just the kind on Mad Men.

Congratulations! MNN offers best wishes to Green Party guru Danielle on her wedding by offering her best green wedding tips.

Green radio waves: The top 11 green food radio shows and podcasts.
Rock on ... just not here: Why Woodstock's 40th anniversary eco-concert fell flat.




MNN week in review 8/15/2009
This week's best bets from the Mother Nature Network. 8/15/2009