Our picks for the week of Aug. 23-29:

Earth Days: New movie chronicles the birth of the environmental movement.

The long goodbye: Our car blogger weighs in on the Cash for Clunkers program.

Ecollywood: MNN checks in with celebrities Ted Danson and Glenn Close at a fundraiser for Oceana.

In the Green Room: Chuck Leavell interviews Ryan Klesko about his forest sequestration project. Watch the video.

Rent green: GreenRenter.com offers search help for the eco-minded renter.

Translating Uncle Sam: How does El Nino affect hurricanes? Find out with our handy infographic.

The Dangerous World of Butterflies: Uncover the intrigue and mystery of a startling subculture.

Back from the brink: BirdLife International launches a quest to revive 47 species of extinct birds.

MNN week in review 8/28/2009
A speed-read of the best original environmental stories for the week of Aug. 23 from Mother Nature Network. Read more at mnn.com