Our picks for the week of Sept. 6-12:

MNN vs. Slate, Round 3: Are electric cars coming soon or will they short circuit?

Media Mayhem: A botched message on health-care reform should be a lesson for the climate change debate.

Ask Mother Nature: How do I reduce my pet's carbon footprint?

Pump you up: Here are some tips for finding a green gym.

Plush toy with a message: Want to purchase a swine flu toy? Here's your chance.

Ace for the planet: The U.S. Open is going green, one tennis ball can at a time.

Green Party: Danielle shows you how to set up carbon offsets for your wedding day.

Van Jones: Why the resignation of the green jobs czar matters.

Find out: Can plastic surgery cure migraines?

MNN week in review 9/11/2009
MNN's best original stories for the week of Sept. 16-12.