Our picks for the week of Sept. 13-19:

What's not green about sex?: Vanessa Vadim discusses the environmental pros and cons of sex toys.

The 15 most toxic places to live: The list that may inspire people to take action to keep the planet clean.

Wal-Mart and McDonald's gift cards use to fight syphilis: Free goodies and food are given to those who get tested for VD.

• Interactive: Are gray wolves still endangered?: As wolves kill more livestock, some humans are once again howling for their heads.

What's the bathroom etiquette when you go camping?: Matt Hickman gives the low-down on how to properly poop in the wilderness.

Boy finds rare pink grasshopper in Britain: The insect's color intensity makes it particularly unusual.

• Shots in the park: New coffee-table explores national parks like never before: Photographer Ian Shive publishes a book filled with images of the 58 national parks.

Is the Reva electric car the wave of the future?: Jon Motavalli takes a drive in the Indian-made Reva EV.

Emmy Awards go green: The motto for this year's show is "reduce, reuse and recycle."

MNN week in review 9/19/2009
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the week of Sept. 13-19.