Our picks for the week of Sept. 20-26:

40 farmers under 40, part II: This time, it's your suggestions that make the story.

Ask Mother Nature: How can I find a green boyfriend?

Media Mayhem: Glenn Beck and the Rev. Billy James Hargis make our media columnist long for the day of the Fairness Doctrine.

• Discover 10 superfoods that can change your life.

• Jay Leno invites guests to race electric cars outside the studio of the new Tonight Show.

What's a green mom to do about air quality?

• Did you know?: Scientists have helped paralyzed rats walk again.

• Got any eco-friendly tips for someone with a 50-mile commute? Our expert offers some funny but helpful advice.

Patrick Swayze: Remembering the star of Dirty Dancing for his conservation efforts.

MNN week in review 9/26/2009
The best original stories from Mother Nature Network for the week of Sept. 20.