Our picks for the week of Sept. 27-Oct. 3:

• There are some lousy environmental movies out there, but here are five flicks that our media columnist thought deserved notice -- a black eye, of sorts.

• Read what one green mother learned from joining a CSA.

How does the flu work? Find out with our helpful Translating Uncle Sam feature — just in time for flu season.

• Ask Mother Nature: A curious reader wants to know if washing your car at home is green or not.

• Chuck Leavell takes his inquiring mind (and camera) to interview Chevy Chase and his wife, Jayni. Catch this episode of In the Green Room.

• Bought an appliance lately? Consumer Reports says it's time for the EnergyStar ratings system to get a makeover.

• The Solar Decathlon is coming up soon. Here's a sneak peek of the cool solar houses that will be on display on the National Mall.

• Here's everything you need to know about apple-picking season, including varieties and even a quiz.

• And finally, a story you shouldn't miss: This obese skunk is on a vegan diet ... to battle his bacon addiction. Seriously.

MNN week in review 10/3/2009
The best original stories from Mother Nature Network from the week of Sept. 27.