Our picks for the week of Oct. 4-10:

• First SIGG, now Gaiam: Reusable water bottle maker Gaiam says its bottles leach BPA in small amounts.

What the heck is vegan wine? MNN writer learns that animal proteins are commonly used in the winemaking process.

• Our home blogger introduces you to Brad Pitt's incredible floating house — a concept that may transform New Orleans' rebuilding effort.

• Translating Uncle Sam digs into the issue of overfishing. Can a new focus on sustainable practices pull fish and fishermen back from the brink?

• Plant the seed of environmental awareness with 10 great books for your baby's library.

Pee before you fly: That's one way a Japanese airline is reducing its carbon emissions. Seriously.

• Farmer D works with an elementary school to install an edible garden. Watch the video to find out why it's such a valuable tool for

MNN week in review 10/10/2009
MNN's best original stories from the week of Oct. 4, including hurricanes, BPA and vegan wine.