MNN's picks for the week of April 5-11, 2009:

Green vs. red: One mom's mission to raise an eco-friendly family despite the recession.

Green Empire: New York's Empire State Building to get a $500 million energy-efficient makeover.

MNN book review: "Animal Investigators" is like CSI for animals.

Video break: Catch the latest episode of Captain Planet. (This week, it's "Ghost of Porkaloin Past" -- don't miss it.)

Water wars: Managing this resource has traditionally brought out humanity's wackiest ideas.

Ecollywood: Denis Leary thumbs his nose at Mother Nature.

Cheap and fun: MNN's Jim Motavalli offers five great used cars for these troubled economic times.

Translating Uncle Sam: Which U.S. volcanoes are most likely to erupt?

Denis Leary, green mom don't see eye to eye
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