Our picks for the week of Oct. 11-17:

How can I get my husband to wear underwear again? That's just one of the many questions MNN's advice team tackles each week. See the archive for more gems.

• Electric cars are quiet — maybe too quiet, says auto blogger Jim Motovalli, who wrote about this issue for MNN and the New York Times this week.

Fetzer Vineyard was sustainable long before wineries took on that challenge. Find out more about the California winery's history.

• Happy (green) Halloween. We've got dozens of articles on the scariest (and soon to be greenest) holiday.

The stars gathered at Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion recently to raise awareness for renewable energy. Really, that's why they were there.

• Sad is the day when your favorite beach closes ... but it's even more pathetic when it's closed because of a mile-long trail of manatee poop.

• Paula Zahn takes shorter showers than she used to. That's just part of her family's plan to do their part for the planet.

• And finally, for your moment of head-slapping: Dead fish "responds" to photos in a study that may make you second-guess all future studies.

MNN week in review 10/17/2009
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the week of Oct. 11-17. Best original stories from MNN.com for this week.