Our picks for the week of Oct. 25-31: 

• Just in time for Halloween, our advice expert suggests some spooky movies with eco-friendly themes.

• And since we're on the topic, check out our Halloween page for plenty of last-minute costume and food ideas.

See our gallery of the 10 dirtiest events. You'll be surprised what a mess a party can make.

• The Phillies and the Yankees kicked off the World Series this week, and for the first time in 59 years, the Phillies took the train to get there. 

• There's another environmentally sound mode of transportation in NYC these day: Pedicabs with pole dancers.

• MNN's media columnist weighs in on the Rush Limbaugh-Andrew Revkin saga, with a tongue-in-cheek viewpoint.

• You've heard of white-nose syndrome, but did you know that this winter could be the make-or-break season for the survival of bats on the East Coast? Find out why.

• CBS sportscaster Greg Gumbel tells Chuck Leavell how the NFL is going green. Watch the latest episode of In the Green Room.

• Concerned citizens from around the globe this week urged world leaders to do something about carbon dioxide levels in the Earth's atmosphere during the 350 International Day of Climate Action. See this photo gallery of visually stunning activism.

• We've got another must-see gallery for you: 15 remarkable animals that use tools.

• And finally, we'll leave you with one more tasty morsel. Did you know that rats given unlimited amounts of junk food act like heroin addicts? It's true. 

PLUS: Catch the global environmental headlines with our weekly photo gallery.

MNN week in review 10/31/2009
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