Our picks for the week of Nov. 8-14: 

• Jason Mraz is a pop singer who also happens to work the land. Chuck Leavell caught up with him at Farm Aid to talk about agriculture's youth movement and why avocado farming "is kind of easy." Watch this episode of In the Green Room.  

Is there such a thing as a green gym? One MNN expert says that if you can't get outside, here's what you should look for in a gym.

• Silence is golden. That's why this week's guest columnist is indignant about the push to add noisemakers to ultra-quiet electric cars.

• Al Gore hits the TV circuit to pitch his latest book, The Assault on Reason. Check out these videos of his visits on Comedy Central.

• The budget-friendly mobile food business is booming, and now street vendors are stepping up and going green. Take a look at 10 mobile green food vendors. 

Windmills fuel a pair of bars in Brooklyn where patrons can enjoy a craft beer or a game of bowling.

Is your city attractive to rats? Find out if your town made the list, and why, in this offbeat photo gallery.

• Tis the season ... for germs. That's why we created this gallery of 10 sure-fire ways to catch germs over the holidays. Enjoy. 

• The Road to Copenhagen, part II: Find out which countries emit the most CO2 and compare the numbers for the past 50 years.

• Ecollywood catches up with Daryl Hannah and her big plans for a vegan Thanksgiving. (Hint: It works out much better for the turkey.)

PLUS: Don't miss this week's visual tour of the headlines. 

MNN week in review 11/14/2009
This week's best bets from the Mother Nature Network for the week of Nov. 8-14, 2009.