Our picks for the week of Nov. 29-Dec. 5:

• Climategate: A feisty debate over stolen e-mails has managed to overshadow evidence that climate change is worse than we thought.

• Our business blogger offers some crucial tax breaks for individuals and businesses. Better act fast.

Here are 10 unconventional alternative energy sources that are easy to tap.

Clean green alternatives for 9 household products you may think you can't live without.

The second season of the Lazy Environmentalist's show is almost here. MNN catches up with him on the set.

Fuel for thought: The documentary is bringing change to the classroom. Find out how.

• It's time to count down to Christmas. Here are 10 Advent calendars with an eco-friendly flair.

• And after the show is done, it's time to think about getting back in shape. We found 10 eco-inspired raises in 2010 that raise funds for green causes.

• Ever wonder about George Clooney's driving habits? We learned this and much more at the premiere of Up in the Air.

PLUS: Take a tour from Beijing to Warsaw with our weekly photo gallery.

MNN week in review 12/5/2009
The best original stories from Mother Nature Network for the week of Nov. 29-Dec. 5.