Our picks for the week of Dec. 6-12: 

Is BPA poisoning our food? Translating Uncle Sam takes a deeper look at the chemical that has been in the headlines all year.

10 don't-miss environmental documentaries from 2009.

Real or faux tree? Our home expert tackles the annual dilemma for a green-leaning, Christmas-loving reader.

• All eyes on Copenhagen: Keep up with the latest news from the climate talks.

• Media columnist Ken Edelstein says it's tempting to see a moral tale in Dubai's financial misfortunes, but it's not that simple.

• Find out how the Indigo Girls are helping Native Americans in this In the Green Room video with Chuck Leavell.

Mr. Squiggles is a popular toy that's been deemed unsafe, but one Smart Mama says the science behind the claim is all wrong.

• What is the world coming to? Demure petunias and simple potatoes are now technically carnivorous plants.

• The year of the clunker: See the top 10 clunkers and the top 10 replacement cars.

Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman share a passion for environmental issues, especially when it comes to water.

PLUS: Catch the week in photos and take in the sights from Copenhagen to Brazil.
MNN week in review 12/12/2009
Best original stories from MNN for the week of Dec. 6-12, including clunker cars, the faux-real Christmas tree debate, Copenhagen and much more.