MNN's picks for the week of April 12-18:

Mother Nature's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: Peter Dykstra counts down his top 20 eco-inspired songs.

"Planet Forward": A new PBS show calls on citizen journalists to explore the earth.

Grow a row: Read about a food bank program that's putting the abundance of backyard gardeners into the hands of those who need it most.

He's a LEEDer: Meet Jerry Cooper, an architect whose love of the land drives his work.

Ask Vanessa: Our answer guru tackles the topic of meat, what's in it and how its production impacts the planet.

"The Scavengers' Manifesto": A husband-and-wife dumpster-diving team offer their zeal for free stuff — and their disdain for America's wasteful ways. (An MNN book review)

Find your bliss: What will make you happier — a big house in the 'burbs or a smaller one close to work?

Marketing Captain Planet: Go behind the scenes with the producer who struggled to find the right environmental balance.

Count your carbon: MNN offers the 15 most useful tools for shrinking your carbon footprint.

MNN week in review 4/16/2009
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