Our picks for the week of Dec. 20-26:

• Trying to buy only sustainable seafood at the supermarket? There's an app for that.

• We've got everything you need for last-minute Christmas planning.

• If you feel like getting creative, here are 3 DIY wines you can make at home.

Energy-hogging Christmas spectacles drive our home blogger up the wall. What do you think?

• Media Mayhem: The top eco-stories of 2009 that don't have anything to do with climate change.

• On the lighter side of the news, our week in photos captures an orange cat in the Christmas tree and much more.

• The opening graph of this new book about farming in a California ghetto will get you hooked on Farm City.

• Learn how the cast of Alvin and the Chipmunks sequel is going green.

• Fact or fiction? We've resolved 7 eco-myths that you've always wondered about.

• Just in time for the weekend, here are 10 eco-friendly ways to pass the time at home over the holidays.

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Catch up on the environmental headlines for MNN.com from the week of Dec. 20-26.