Our picks for the week of May 17-23: 

What's in a name: When it comes to global warming and Puff Daddy, what difference does it make?

10 big transportation moments: Advancements in transportation technology matter because we love to move. (A photo gallery)

Bug Off! We don't mean to sound rude, but that's the name of the next episode of Captain Planet. Don't miss it!

Book review: Fruitless Fall addresses the decline of the honeybee — and who's to blame.

Heap of trouble: Peter Dykstra addresses our growing trash habit and why it's getting worse.

6 energy solutions: Check out these cutting-edge technologies that address our energy needs.

Green wedding helper: Danielle interviews the author of a gorgeous book about throwing an eco-friendly wedding. Watch the video.

Hold on to your hat: It's the peak of tornado season, and MNN has the goods: A primer and a slew of unbelievable videos.

Ecollywood: The cast of the new Terminator movie goes green ... with a vengeance.

Green up the kids: The Lazy Environmentalist suggests the many places you can shop to outfit your offspring in green fashions.

MNN week in review 5/22/2009
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