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Our picks for the week of Dec. 5-11: 

• Lobster traps and shopping carts may not appear to have much in common, but they share the limelight in our collection of five unusual Christmas tree displays.

• Albino animals face almost insurmountable odds when they're born in the wild. Those that survive are impossible to forget. Take a look at these seven famous albino animals.

• "The Tempest" opens Dec. 10 with an enviable cast including Helen Mirren and Chris Cooper. There's more to know about this production, including the green work behind the scenes.

• Christmas is a time for storytelling and tradition, but there are some stories that aren't completely true. This week we debunked four popular Christmas myths. Plus, we rounded up 15 great gift ideas that will please the giftee and someone in need.

Ark Encounters, an artist's drawingThe world's largest religious theme park, Ark Encounter (pictured left), will feature a giant model of Noah’s Ark in a Christian-themed, eco-friendly amusement park. 

• In "Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature," author Kathleen Dean Moore explores loss, grief and healing.

• Getting ready for your annual holiday baking spree? Don't toss these 10 items we've dubbed "forever foods" — they've got plenty of shelf life left.

• The weather outside is frightful, but your skin can still be delightful. Here's how to avoid dry skin this winter.

• And finally, our auto blogger notes a new trend that will provide more green driving choices for consumers. Rental and car-sharing companies are jumping on the electric car bandwagon.

Plus: You'll want to see the speedy, tall elf in the week in photos

MNN week in review: Albino animals and 'The Tempest'
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the Mother Nature Network for the week of Dec. 5-11.