Our picks for the week of July 4-10: 

• The heat of summer is on, but there is on upside: a vegetable bonanza. Here are eight simple recipes with a seasonal summer twist. 
• Summer is also a time to gaze at the sky. Most of us don't live at the right latitude to view these eight amazing auroras, but you can enjoy them here.
• Here's a gallery of the 10 worst forms of pollution and what they do to our planet.

• With rumors flying about Google's much-anticipated Facebook killer, there's much speculation on the web about the company's ability to pull it off. Our tech blogger says yes, and here's why. 

• My family vacation suddenly turned into a staycation. What now? Our expert offers ideas for salvaging the time off.

• Read about a controversial drug being used in the womb to prevent homosexuality in girls. 

• Meanwhile our auto blogger talks to Jeff Goodell, author of "How to Cool the Planet", about geoengineering — everything from artificial volcanoes to Special K.

• This week's celebrity roundup checks in with Piper Perabo, Emily Rose and Angie Harmon.

• Here's another timely question for the experts: What can I do to prevent power outages during a heat wave? 

• Hold onto your hat: BMW's first electric car, the Megacity Vehicle, is coming in 2013.

Plus: Don't miss the week in the photos, including the image above, which sums up the ongoing Gulf oil spill and the irony of Independence Day all too well.  

MNN week in review: Amazing auroras and easy recipes
Catch up on the environmental headlines from Mother Nature Network for the week of July 4-10.