Our picks for the week of May 8-14: 

• Scientists once thought that culture and creative intelligence were traits unique to humans. Of course, anyone who has watched a few episodes of "Flipper" knows that's not the case. Here's our list of seven animals that have a culture of their own.

• MNN's auto blogger hit a nerve this week. He raised a good question: If gas taxes pay for roads, and electric cars don't need gas, should electric car owners get slapped with another kind of tax? (If you've never heard the term "welfare wagon" applied to an EV, you might want to read this.)

• Just in time for National Bike Month, writer Matt Hickman addresses a workday quandary: what to wear for your bike commute.

• We all have special friends, those characters who just woudn't gravitate to a typical online dating sites. For that special farmer or the Ayn Rand fan in your life, we've created this list of eight weirdly specific dating websites. (You can thank us later.)

• Does the world need saving? That's a question MNN blogger Shea Gunther has been asking for months now, part of a larger project to profile interesting people in the eco-realm. He's gotten such a wide variety of responses to that question that he decided to publish the answers in one place.

• This month's book roundup pulls together six diverse (some might say fierce) books about animals. Plus, don't miss our Q&A with Kathy Stevens, author of "Animal Camp."

• It's baby season, and you know what that means: baby showers. If you get tapped on the shoulder to throw a baby bash, here's how to pull it off with minimal dose of pink and the maximum amount of green.

• Many travel enthusiasts see train travel as not just a way to get from Point A to Point B, but also an opportunity to take in the view along the way. Here's a collection of the world’s best long-distance train journeys.

• We're going to wind this down with a topic that feels in step with the way we began: Eight amazing animals that can carry a tune. Have a great week.

PLUS: Be sure to check out the week in photos.

MNN week in review: Animals with culture and dating sites for your most unique friends
This week's best bets from Mother Nature Network for the week of May 8-14, 2011.