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Our picks for the week of Sept. 19-25: 

• One of our lifestyles bloggers plants an idea for book lovers: Here are six reasons you should throw a book-swapping party.

• If you think it feels hot in here, you're right. Here are eight ways that climate change can kill you.

• Tis the season for international climate negotiations, and our political blogger is psyched. See what you can expect this season.

• Our travel guru says you should start saving your dimes to see Botswana, home of one of the last real safari experiences.

man on the mon• Remember when Buzz Aldrin (at left) walked on the moon during Apollo 11? Refresh your space knowledge with these 10 iconic NASA images.

• If celebrity news is your thing, don't miss this update from the cast of "Modern Family."

• A new study says media coverage can save you from a pandemic. (Turn on the TV, and make it snappy.)

• Home blogger Matt Hickman pokes his head into a virtual hornet's nest: A lack of phosphates in dish detergents has some dish-washing readers up in arms. Says one, "Glasses looking grim ..." 

• Any pet owner knows that animals are perceptive, but here are 11 animals that have a sixth sense.

• And finally, if you'll be getting into the garden this weekend, here are six tasks for fall that will result in a better spring garden. 

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, including a gorgeous sunrise that might make you relax ... just a little.

MNN week in review: Climate change worries and book swapping
Catch up on the environmental headlines from Mother Nature Network from the week of Sept. 19-25.