Our picks for the week of March 14-20: 

• Working on your taxes this weekend? Here's a smart to-do list of ways to earn energy tax credits for your home.

• Green weddings: It's easy to say "I do" to the environment. Here's how.

• Our car blogger knocks down five common myths about electric vehicles.

• See our gallery of five natural events that science can't explain. (It will make you wonder.)

• You've got your thinking cap on, so consider these eight key moments that shaped the environmental movement.

• Greenpeace has gone after Facebook over its energy-gobbling data center, but are other offenders being overlooked?

• Here's a helpful explainer about President Obama's push for energy efficiency. Will it really save jobs and the environment too? 

• Another former president, Bill Clinton, wants your help, too: He wants you to eat healthier at the movie theater.

• You may recall Dominic Monaghan from Lord of the Rings or FlashForward, but we bet you don't know how green he is. Read on.

• Here's a question that will make any parent nervous: Is there arsenic in your apple juice?

PLUS: Get a taste of spring with an image from London's Kew Gardens, part of this week's photo gallery.
MNN week in review: Common myths about electric cars and tax credits for your home
Catch up on the environmental headlines from Mother Nature Network for the week of March 14-20.